Required Documents Checklist

For Home Loans

Note: As of 2017, you can no longer use a income based repayment plan if you apply for a USDA or FHA loan. You will have to be on a fixed amount that does not change year to year. The processing of this can take up to 2 months to be finalized so start this at least 2 months before applying for loan.

Divorce Decree

You will need the full divorce decree paperwork signed by judge.

Social Security Card

You will need the physical card. Click the checkbox to visit the SSA Website if you need a physical card.

ID or Driver's License

You will need the physical card. Visit your local DMV if you need a physical card.

Bank Statements

Provide the last 3 months of bank statements prior to submitting the application to the lender. Make sure you do not have any NSF records on the statments.

Any Current Child Support Court Orders

Additional Income

Please provide documentation of any additional income you receive outside of your self employment statements or as a W2 employee.

401K, Stocks, Bonds, Retirement, Investments, and Shares Documents

You will need the full divorce decree paperwork signed by judge.

List of Current Debt Payments

Please start a monthly budget of all of your bills.

Student Loans Documents

You will need a printout with your fixed monthly amount listed from the official website of the company servicing your loan.

Required Documents Checklist

If You Owe Money To The IRS

To apply for a home loan you cannot be in default and you will be required to be on a payment plan with the IRS. You can set up payment plans by visiting the IRS Payment Plans Website.

Explanation Letters

Having a big sale, an on-site celebrity, or any other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Tax Liens

If any tax liens or other derogatory items on your credit report require further explanation, you’ll be required to provide full documentation for each derogatory instance.

W2's From Employment

Please provide W2 forms for all jobs worked in the past two years.

Tax Returns

All pages of personal federal tax returns for the past two years

Gift Letter

If you’re receiving gift funds your lender will require all donors and receivers to sign a gift letter verifying the gift isn’t a loan. Some lenders want to see the donor’s accounts for verification of the donor’s ability to gift and some only want to see the funds being received in your account.